Keep your baby’s feet unrestricted

Children’s feet grow rapidly during the first year and this period is considered the most critical stage of the foot’s development.  Keep your baby’s feet unrestricted as much as possible…barefoot is best; however, this isn’t always practical.

Time to get them their first pair of BabyMoccs

Once baby starts using their feet to crawl, it may be time to get them their first pair of Baby Moccs.  Our stylish soft soled leather moccasins act as a second layer on those tiny little feet, protecting them from the environment while allowing for unrestricted movement.

Our shoes are all made with the finest genuine leathers and all bear the BabyMoccs logo on the insole. Each pair of BabyMoccs come in a cotton draw string dust bag to store baby’s new moccasins. We believe in creating designs that are classically timeless and will wear beautifully.

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