Your baby’s summer wardrobe

With the summer well and truly in swing, you may be searching for summer essentials for your baby at every opportunity. But actually, your baby really don’t need very much in terms of clothing during these warmer months. An overload of clothes will simply mean that half of your baby’s wardrobe will remain untouched and unworn…so stick to the essentials, and remember that hot weather generally means stripping babies down to their birthday suit!


You’ll want at least two hats for summer so that you can alternate them when they start to get a little dirty and need washing. Try and opt for at least one simple hat that goes with every outfit – but remember that anything white will eventually become permanently discolored with sunscreen! Make sure that your baby’s hats offer enough shade over their face and neck that you can keep these areas protected from the sun at all times – you’ll want to opt for hats with a large rim, or with a cap and extra material to cover the neck.


Because what says summer more than a trip to the beach or local pool?! Swimming outfits are essential for summer and can be a great motivation to get out of the house and turn your little one into a water baby. Invest in a couple of adorable, reusable swim nappies, as well as a full costume to protect from the sun, and a shorts and t-shirt ensemble for indoor swimming. Don’t forget the matching swim hat!


This is the perfect time for your baby to start exploring the outdoors and all of the new sensations they can experience. Baby Moccasins (https://babymoccs.com/) are a great option for your baby’s first pair of shoes as they are timeless and versatile – we think that our Fringe Moccs (https://babymoccs.com/product-category/baby-moccs/fringe-moccs/) for babies are particularly adorable! If you’re looking for something even more lightweight and hoping to buy baby sandals online, have a look at our range of bare foot sandals (https://babymoccs.com/product-category/baby-moccs/sandals/) that allow your baby to discover the outdoors whilst keeping their little toes protected.


Vests and short sleeved bodysuits are a must-have for summer and are the one item that you can never have too many of – they’re perfect for everyday wear, pyjamas and as a spare outfit to have ready in your diaper bag.


Similar in use to bodysuits, but with a little more style and often more breathability.

A light sleeping bag

If your baby is used to being popped into a sleeping bag at night, there’s no need to change this for the summer months. Simply switch for a much thinner bag made from breathable cotton and your baby will remain cool but cozy.


Even in the summer those little toes can get a bit chilly, and sometimes the only extra layer you need is a pair of socks! It can also be a good idea to put a pair of socks underneath your baby’s latest design baby shoes (https://babymoccs.com/) to protect their feet from developing any sore spots during the first few times that they wear them.


The most versatile summer wardrobe essential for babies and adults alike! Keep a cardigan close by for those days with a bit of a breeze or to wrap up during the cooler summer evenings.

Stick to this list of summer essentials for your baby and know that at least this time you can try to avoid overspending, overshopping, and overfilling your baby’s closet!