Tips for traveling with babies

Whether you’re preparing for a day trip or heading off on an epic holiday, traveling with your baby presents some unique challenges. A few simple tips can help you and your baby to stay safe and happy thought out the trip:

Dressing your child comfortably:

Dress your baby in a few soft layers which are easy to put on and take off. Thin layers can be easily removed or added depending on the temperature. Make sure your baby is dressed in comfortable clothes that he can sleep in. A sleep suit can be more comfortable than jeans or tights. Our Baby Moccasins (https://babymoccs.com/) are great to keep baby’s feet warm and are super easy to get on and off.

Travel light:

The lighter you travel, the easier your life. There’s nothing more exhausting than hauling a bunch of junk you don’t actually need around and unpacking & packing it up as well. Especially if you’ll be doing things like catching trains or moving around much at all. Think about your mobility needs and pack accordingly which will make your trip comfortable.

Pack all the essentials:

It is necessary to pack all the supplies of baby and keep most of them handy because you need them in urgency. For example baby wipes, diapers, muslin cloths, baby bibs, diaper rash ointment and trash bags to dispose of the diapers. Other than this extra clothes should also be packed because new-borns spits much milk than a grown up baby. If your baby takes formula milk than bottles and formula milk should be packed as well.

Take breaks every hour:

If you are traveling by road then it’s necessary to stop after every hour, check if your baby needs a diaper change. Babies should also be given a chance to get out of blanket for stretching and getting some fresh air. If you are traveling by air, still take him out of baby seat and move them around for relaxation.

Breastfeed your baby if you can:

Breastfeeding is the best option which will keep your baby calm and sooth while traveling. If you are traveling by air breastfeed your baby because sucking is good for your baby’s ear pressure when the plane ascends and descends. After feeding baby will sleep and you can also relax and take some rest till he wakes up.

Pack some baby toys:

Make sure to pack some toys as well which will keep your child happy and entertained during the trip. Although toys, stuffed animals, and rattles, may take your child’s attention for a while, it is better to have a series of short cartoons on your tablet as this will keep them occupied for longer periods of time.

Ignore the haters:

The last important tip is to ignore what other people think of you when your baby is really loud. No matter what you do, your baby or toddler will go loud or throw tantrums without any reason. You have given your baby bottles or snacks, tried stories and movies, changed his diaper still he is loud and screaming. In that case, no need to worry and be guilty for the fuss. Take care of your baby or toddler and ignore the haters.