Getting Your Baby Outside

The idea of taking your baby outside, especially in particularly hot or cold weather, can leave us feeling incredibly stressed, anxious, and ready to hibernate for another week. But the benefits of providing our babies with a dose of fresh air every day might be enough to change your mind; that coupled with a bit of preparation and a few precautions should have you ready to change your mind and spend the next week taking a daily walk in the park!

The benefits of going outside

It’s been suggested that babies who spend time outside every day tend to sleep better at night – and what more do we wish for than that?! Taking a baby outside is a great way to introduce them to different surroundings and new people, and slowly ease them out of their own newborn bubble. By letting them explore outside your baby will use their senses to discover a whole world of new sounds, sights and textures, all going towards helping them to develop. And it’s not just about baby, getting yourself outside with a newborn is one of the quickest ways to de-stress, stay active and feel like yourself.

Packing for going outside

Before you head out, make sure that you’ve got your diaper bag packed – take a look at our handy list (link to diaper bag essentials post) of all the items that you’ll need to have in your diaper bag to save you from that terrifying moment of realizing that you’ve forgotten something important! You’ll also want to remember to pack a waterproof cover or parasol for your stroller depending on the weather forecast.

Getting your baby ready

Once you’ve got everything packed, it’s time to get your baby ready. For colder weather you’ll need to dress your baby in layers – a car journey or time spent indoors will require that you remove layers of clothing to stop them from overheating. And for warmer weather, dress them in something light, but pack a cardigan and blanket for an extra layer should it start to get a bit cooler. To protect your baby’s feet from the elements or when they’re rolling around on the ground, pop them in a pair of Baby Moccs (https://babymoccs.com/) to keep their feet safe without inhibiting natural movement. Don’t forget a hat to either protect from the cold or shade from the sun! It’s recommended that you don’t use sunscreen on babies under 6 months, so make sure that you have adequate sun protection in the form of parasols, burp cloths (these work perfectly as a light blanket or to create shade over the stroller!) and light clothes.

Whether it’s for an hour or 5 minutes, getting outside with your baby is the perfect way to literally breathe some fresh air and let your new mom worries melt away whilst witnessing the magic of your baby starting to become a little explorer!